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Doxi- an advanced digital signature system

Doxi- an advanced digital signature system

:On-prem or in a SaaS model

Completing approval processes has never been this easy

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Completing approval processes is easy and fast as 1, 2...signed

In the cloud or on-prem - with Doxi all the options are open

Doxi was developed by Consist - a highly experienced technology and software companies. Doxi can support multiple langauages and can be used in a cloud model or On Prem; The system is support by an experience team of developers, implementers and Consist's technical support staff

Turn PDF document into a digital and responsive - with a click

Doxi transforms any PDF into a digital form with interactive fields - in an instant, and send it to the signees - managers, customers and others - to be digitally signed using a PC or smartphone. The dashboard allows to easily track all documents in process and send alerts to expedite the process.

Doxi streamlines business processes and Customer Experience

Doxi saves the organization time and resources and creates an innovative and advanced service experience for customers and users in the alike. Doxi significantly streamlines business and sales processes such as closing deals, signing contracts, completing purchases orders and more.

Doxi - unique advantages

  • A full REST API allows Doxi to interface with the organization's core systems
  •  Doxi can be installed either in the cloud or on the company's internal servers (on-prem)
  • Doxi allows the user to easily select the names of the participants in the approval process and place the fields to be filled accordingly
  • The user can define groups of participants — "Senior Management members," for example—without having to create a new list from scratch for every new document
  • The system provides document templates with digitally signed fields that are automatically placed in the document
  • The approval process is easily tracked using Doxi’s dashboard, and alerts can automatically be sent to signatories who hold back the process
  • Doxi provides the highest level of data security with three layers of protection – visual, digital and encrypted
  •  Doxi is eco-friendly and eliminates the costs involved in paper and printing as well as the shipping, transporting and archiving expenses.

About Consist

Consist in Israel is part of the Consist Software Solution Worldwide Group, founded in 1972. is a leading high-tech and business information technology company headquartered in New York. The group operates offices and development centers in Israel, Germany, South America, Mexico, Spain and the United States and has thousands of customers worldwide. 

Consist in Israel operates since 1990 and employs more than 400 high-tech professionals. The Israeli branch has more than 1100 customers in EMEA, including leading companies in nearly all sectors of the economy: banks and financial institutions, insurance companies, energy companies, healthcare centers and organizations, retail and supermarket chains, dozens of government offices and municipalities, pharmaceutical companies, leading academic centers, and many more.

The software areas covered by Consist include banking systems, Omnichannel communication solutions, Output Management Systems, Customer Coummunication Managment systems, ITSM and ESM Service Desk Management Solutions, Digital Signature System, Smart & Accessible Digital form and document solutions, Chat and Voice BOT solutions, Knowledge Management Systems, Data Security systems, Insider threat protection solutions and more.


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